Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Every time I think of this diet, I picture beautiful and well-toned Hollywood actors. Of course, they are the brand ambassadors of this super popular diet of the west, which is now making inroads to east.

Did you know, it refers to the diet our ancestors ate more than two million years ago? And this diet was largely vegetarian as opposed to popular misconception that were ancestors were meat eaters.

So, what did they eat…

  • Plants – These included tubers, seeds, nuts, wild grown barley that was pounded as flour, legumes, and flowers. Since they had discovered fire and using stone tools, it is believed that they were able to process and cook these foods.
  •  Animals – Because they were more readily available, lean small game animals were the main animals eaten. As per some estimates, animal products contributed to only about 3% of the whole diet. Animals were not yet domesticated so dairy products were probably not included.
  • Seafood – The diet included shellfish and other smaller fish. It was a major component of a diet in the coastal regions.
  • Insects – A variety of insects and their products, including honey, honeycombs, were eaten.

Studies have shown great benefits for people with heart diseases, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Well, we can’t exactly mimic it, but may be adapt it into our lifestyle based on what’s available and palatable.

Here is the link to the article we published in the medical journal Pubmed on Paleo diet.


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