Do you love your heart?

Heart attack is the number one cause of death worldwide. Recent years have noticed increased number of heart attacks in people less than 40.  It is even more important for us to know as Indians have small coronaries (blood supply to the heart muscle). So, the chances for fatal heart attacks is higher in Indian population.

 If there is a history of heart attacks in your family, make sure you start taking precautions early on.Starting with diet, if you want to take some inspiration, go for Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet has been thoroughly studied and is perfect to protect your heart. Diet needs to be personalized to your constitution and taste.

Regular exercise is important to beef up those coronaries. Customized regimens to suit one’s need are essential as intensity of exercise varies among individuals.

Finally, it is very important to make sure all the effort that you are putting in is yielding results. Follow up with your primary doctor regularly and make tweaks to your regimen accordingly.


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