Does Ironman have enough iron in him?

Who knows…we just want to make sure we have enough stores.

Modern day foods fail to supply our bodies with all the required nutrients. Therefore, diseases due to nutrient deficiencies have become common. One of the major lifestyle killers is Iron deficiency Anemia. It is also a potential risk for heart attacks in the long run.

If you notice any of these symptoms given below, it’s a good idea to get evaluated.Getting fatigued easily, getting short of breath with minimal activity, high heart rate, craving for unusual things like ice, brittle nails are some of the common symptoms.

Women are more prone to anemia, especially after childbirth. If you have heavy menstrual periods, chances that you are iron deficient are very high.

The important things to look for in your blood work are ferritin level, iron level and size of your RBC (low in iron deficiency).

Include these foods in your diet- beets, carrots, grapes, raisins, dates, pomegranates, spinach or any dark green leafy vegetables.

Follow up with your regular doctor, before deciding on taking any medications. Also, it’s advisable to start iron supplementation under your doctor’s supervision.


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