Figure out the right workout for you

Have you heard people say, it doesn’t matter what workout you choose, you must do something and do it vigorously?

Exercise is not about just moving yourself someway and weight loss. If you do the wrong kind of exercise you can end up with complications. Overexertion can lead to degeneration of joints which requires joint replacements. Under exertion can lead to loss of flexibility and risk of diseases like heart attacks, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Another important factor is body constitution and genetics. Some people are designed for heavy workouts, but for others such heavy work out can be dangerous and unhealthy. 

Keeping these key factors in mind, the exercise routine of a person must be curated based on his/ her health requirements.

Any work out you choose, it should meet these following requirements-

  • Increase your strength, stamina and immunity
  • Maintain ideal weight
  • Keep your mind alert and sharp
  • Help you relax and improve sleep 
  • Burn the calories you eat for proper functioning of your systems
  • Maintain the health of your vital organs like the heart, lungs and gut
  • Improve circulation
  • Get rid of toxins via sweat
  • Most important of all, not cause any health complications

So, choose what you enjoy doing, whether its yoga, cycling, walking or weight training. Consult an expert to see what fits you the best. And do it regularly…


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