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What happens if you don’t catch High Blood Pressure in time?

High blood pressure is mostly an asymptomatic disease, which means people don’t know if their blood pressure is creeping up. The easiest way to know is to check it occasionally. It is important to keep a tab on it as high blood pressure can lead to several complications. Some of the major ones to take note of are as follows-

  • High blood pressure can cause your heart muscle to get thicker leading to heart failure and irregular heartbeat. Timely institution of blood pressure medication can effectively prevent it.
  • High blood pressure increases the blood volume to your brain and lead to clot formation. This can in turn lead to strokes (Paralysis). 
  • Another major complication is kidney damage, end stage kidney disease likely requiring dialysis.
  • It has also been identified as a cause of early onset Alzheimer’s dementia.
Complications of Hypeertension

So, keep a close eye on your health, it’s a good idea to get annual health checkups.


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