High Blood Pressure

Do you know the cause for High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a common condition caused by complex interactions between genetic factors and environmental causes.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Here are some of the environmental triggers for high blood pressure-

  • Obesity is the number one risk factor. It increases your cardiac work load, which leads to activation of something called the “Renin Angiotensin system”. This leads to increase in blood pressure. Weight reduction has been shown to decrease your risk of getting high blood pressure by around 20%.
  • Excess Alcohol use is another leading risk factor. People who take more than 2 drinks/day on average have a tough time controlling their blood pressure.
  • Excessive Pain killer usage has been studied to influence blood pressure. It is a good idea to keep the usage at a minimum.
  • Cigarette smoking not only can shoot your pressures up but combined with high blood pressure can be a lethal combination, leading to fatal heart attacks.
  • Excess salt intake, especially the ones present in the store bought processed, packaged foods have shown to increase blood pressure. It is a good idea to get fresh produce rather than the frozen ones.

Coming to genetic risk factors, it can be checked using simple gene panel tests. These tests can give information about your potential risks, disease severity and medication regimen.


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