Avoid Migrain

Simple tips to avoid migraine headaches

Migraines are referred to as chronic headaches and can be quite debilitating. The headaches usually start during early adult life. Migraines have a polygenic inheritance, which means multiple genes are responsible for its causation. It is affected by several environmental factors. The headaches are usually one sided, severe and associated with sensitivity to light and sound.

Since the migraine headaches are very annoying, here are some simple tips which will help prevent them-

Keep yourself hydrated
  • The most important factor is to maintain hydration. Dehydration leads to constriction of blood vessels, diminished flow to brain leading to headaches. Make sure to have sufficient fluid intake of about 2 lit a day.
Seep Cycle is important for good Health
  • Sleep hygiene– Maintaining a regular sleep pattern helps the circadian rhythm of the body. It prevents unnecessary neuronal excitation preventing migraines.
eat better food regularly
  • Eating habits- Like sleep hygiene, maintaining regular food timings and eating balanced diet is very helpful to prevent migraines
  • BP control– This is a very important factor as high BP not only triggers migraines but is also a high risk for strokes.
  • Medications– If headaches are recurrent despite trying conservative methods, consult your primary care doctor for prophylactic medications and further testing.


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