Food for your beauty

Eat these for a fresh glowing skin

Beautiful skin can be achieved by hard work. It not only requires putting right products on your skin but also making sure your lifestyle practices are good. One important aspect is your diet. The foods below are some of the key ingredients that you can’t afford to miss –

  1. Water- Making sure you replenish those losses. Carry a water bottle with you. Try to get in at least a liter in.
  2. Vegetables- Include carrots, squash, cauliflower in your diet along with others.
  3. Grains- Avoid breads made of refined flours. Include whole wheat, oats (prefer steel cut), hand pounded/ brown rice.
  4. Fruits- Papaya, watermelon, grapes for sure!

Here is the link of my video on the do’s and don’ts of skin maintenance.

Have a great looking and youthful skin… 


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