Control Your DNA

Epigenetics- Take charge of your health

Epigenetics is the science of controlling your own DNA. 

Our body functions, tendency for diseases, exercise potential, youthful skin are all primarily determined by the way our genetic code (DNA) is programmed. We inherit it from our parents. All through our life, our genes are constantly influenced by factors known as epigenetic factors. So, a cancer gene can be turned off or on based on how these epigenetic factors control our body.

What are they?

Age, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Environmental exposure, Work stress, Emotions are among some of the key Epigenetic factors. 

Exercise is a key factor in getting your DNA right

Modifying our lifestyle, eating habits and managing stress has a significant impact on our genes. Not only does it help in maintaining good health for us, but we also will be able to transmit a healthy genetic code to our offspring. 

Charting a diet to get your DNA right

It’s a good idea to test your genes and create a template for a diet and lifestyle that would help you in gaining maximum mileage in terms of health…


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