Yoga for everyday living

Yoga has been a part of Indian culture for a very long time. It used to be part of our ancestors’ lifestyle. Our busy lives make it hard to include it in its original form, but we can certainly adapt it to our lifestyle. Incorporating yoga even for the smallest bit of time will make a significant impact in our health. Yoga involves deep breathing which pushes oxygen deep into our tissues improving our concentration, muscle strength, heart and other vital organ function.

Here are some basic yogasanas to include-

Sun salutations- Just a few of these are good enough if you don’t have time
adhomuka savasana
Adhomukha svanasana- Helps in stretching pelvic and calf muscles- helpful for people sitting for long time
Pavanamuktasana- helps improve bloating
Navasana- helps in tightening your abdominal muscles
Bhujangasana- Help improve your colon health
Dhanurasana- helps improve digestion

All the above also help in improving joint strength.

Including a few sets of alternate nostril breathing, with erect head and spine posture helps in relieving stress.

Yoga should not be done in a constipated state. It should also be avoided during menstrual cycle, immediate post-delivery, post surgeries, recent illnesses like heart attacks. If you are a beginner, it is always advisable to do it under supervision.

Enjoy the bliss of a healthy body and mind…


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