Vegitatian diet

Should you be a vegetarian to maintain good health?

The latest trend in food world is to go vegan or adopt strict vegetarianism. However, there is no data to show a clear health benefit. The reason being, how our body responds to different food groups depends on our genetic composition which we inherit from our ancestors. If your family recipes have included animal protein for ages, the chances are you will be able to digest and assimilate it well. 


Having said that, there has been a significant change in the modern diet that we all eat. The percentage of meat consumption has significantly gone up. This excess consumption has shown to cause several health hazards like colon cancer, obesity, heart diseases and so on. The flourishing meat industry also leaves a big carbon footprint, damaging our planet.

 Evidence shows that even the cavemen ate a mostly plant based diet with a small proportion of meat. All of the traditional diet patterns, which have been scientifically proven, also recommend a diet with mostly plants and very little meat protein. These diets include the Mediterranean, Asian and Ayurvedic.

So, whether you are a vegetarian or a non- vegetarian, don’t take it to the extreme..


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