Own your health: Preventive healthcare and its many benefits

Chronic diseases are a major reason for death and disability in India. According to one report, chronic diseases are projected to account for 53% of all deaths.1 With more awareness amongst the masses about the life-threatening repercussions of these diseases, there’s a renewed focus to improve one’s standard of living. The healthcare industry is also undergoing a transformation with an increased emphasis on preventive health care services. Such services are being advocated as part of a population health approach. Including both clinical preventive services and screening tests, it involves the identification of potential problems that can be controlled and improved with a health strategy.

What are preventive health care services?

The purpose of preventive health care services is to shift the focus of health care from treating sickness to maintaining wellness and good health. In other words, preventive healthcare starts before you start feeling sick or notice any symptoms. Efforts in preventive measures include a revamping of lifestyle for healthier results. This include wide-scale lifestyle changes.

Preventive healthcare can also be divided into three levels:

  • Primary prevention: This includes the reduction in risk factors to prevent the development of chronic diseases. For instance, to decrease the risk of cardiovascular failure, preventive health care services will advise lifestyle changes and also enhance prevention through vaccinations, if possible.
  • Secondary prevention: This involves screening procedures for early and cost-effective interventions.
  • Tertiary prevention: This type of preventive measure focuses of lessening the impact of diseases on the patient’s overall life.

Why should you use preventive health care services?

Many risks that lead to various types of illness and premature death can be prevented by availing preventive health care services. As it includes screening procedures and tests, it can detect a disease before it starts. With a comprehensive health strategy, the effects of potentially life-threatening diseases can be reversed and delayed.

Additionally, preventive health care services save you money in two ways. First, it helps lower the long-term cost of managing chronic diseases. Second, many such diseases are covered by various health care providers, such as K&H Personalized Medicine clinic.

It’s time for a health check

Availing preventive health care services can save you time, money and unnecessary worry. As the leading healthcare provider in India, K&H Personalized Medicine provides you with an array of services, so you get a clear picture of how your body is functioning. With our team of expert medical practitioners and researchers, you get treatment strategies that have been tailor-made for you.


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