The Pros and Cons of Genomic Screening

Though Genomic screening continues to increase in popularity, a few steps need to be taken in advance before you avail of this option. Since results are in-depth and predictive, genomic screening can often cause anxiety over a disease a person may never get. However, the advantages of this procedure are unprecedented. For instance, if you already suffer from an ailment, understanding whether you have a genetic variant may help curate an effective treatment protocol. 

Take a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2018, for example. It found that women with breast cancer could safely forgo chemotherapy if they score mid-range or lower for risk that their cancer will recur in time as measured during genomic screening. The right individual’s right procedure will provide vital information to help the doctor recommend a treatment that works

Without further ado, let us look at the pros and cons of Genomic Screening: – 

Pros of genomic screening – 

A renewed, healthy lifestyle  :

If you are not currently suffering from an ailment, knowing what disease you are susceptible to could be the differentiator. It could lead you to make all the necessary lifestyle/behavioural changes to lower your risk of getting the ailment. For example, genomic screening is perfect for an ailment such as Alzheimer’s. By understanding at an early stage that you are a risk of picking Alzheimer’s up later on in life, you can make changes to your life, reducing the risk considerably. As they say, “prevention is always better than the cure”. 

Curated medication :

Genomic screening allows the experts to customise your treatment plan to fit your specific requirements completely. Armed with the necessary information, doctors can focus on your treatment and achieve the desired results with no room for error. Additionally, it also allows experts to identify which areas of your life could contribute to disease spread and help you with options that prevent the same. For instance, if your lifestyle requires a revamp, your genomic screening can help point you in the right direction.

Cons of genomic screening – 

Genetic purgatory : A popular term amongst experts, Genetic purgatory is when a lab cannot identify whether a gene variant can be harmful to the body. This can lead to the patient suffering from stress or unnecessary medical interventions.

Inadequate interpretation: When opting for a genomic screening, it is always necessary to keep in mind that fully equipped labs may provide misguided information. Not everybody is qualified to check your results accurately. This is why at K&H; we provide genetic counselling options where patients can consult experts about their effects with full privacy and security. 

Genomic Screening at K&H – 

K & H Personalized Medicine Clinic

K&H believes that the highest level of care is personal and curated based on your understanding as an individual. Avail of our curated services or reach out to an expert counsellor who is well-equipped to answer any queries about your genomic screening that may arise. If you are interested in embracing a stronger, healthier future, then we recommend reaching out to us at so that we can help find the right fit for you! 


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