Technological advances in Genetic Testing

“It is particularly pleasing to see how purely basic research, originally aimed at testing the genetic identity of different cell types in the body, has turned out to have clear human health prospects.”

–John Gurdon.

Humans have always been the curious kind, and in so many cases, it is our curiosity that has led to the invention of procedures and technology. If we think of it, we can ask questions that have often sparked a revolution and changed the way we do and go about things.

For example, a simple thought of “why we look the way we look” or “what forms the basic composure of the human body” led to the invention of the field of genetics.

What started as a simple niche to answer the few basic questions has seen so many significant shifts in the past two decades. In the initial stages, the option of genetic testing or sequencing was not open to the masses because it was an expensive affair. Still, with the latest technology and innovation seen in this field, it has become available for more people on the whole. Genetic testing, which was once just a means of finding answers to our heredity, has today evolved into a field that has helped identify more than 1800 diseases.

The latest advancements in the genetic testing field have led to the development of procedures like gene therapy. Gene therapy is a series of tests conducted to manipulate the DNA in our cells to treat specific diseases. The main reason so many changes have happened in the past few years is the development of new DNA sequencing tools that have improved the efficiency and accuracy of the entire field.

As research and development progress, the pioneering people in genetic testing have bettered their position of learning about the different effects that are visible on genes affected by a specific disease. With the help of streamlined genetic testing, it has become possible for genetic experts to speculate whether a genetic alteration has been caused by a pre-existing health condition of a patient or due to other reasons that have not been discovered yet.

If we look at the history of genetic testing, the first genome test took 13 years to complete and cost over 2 billion dollars; however, the same results are obtained in just a few days and cost comparatively lesser with the recent technological advancements. Technologically advanced processes like “whole genome sequencing” have further enhanced the accessibility of genetic testing by providing quick and cost-effective results and data.

It becomes more challenging for the researchers to analyse and map the tons of data they collect when studying the genes. This challenge has been further simplified with the help of advanced computing and bioinformatics. These processes have given the researchers the ability to map the diseases that are linked to specific genes.

These recent changes have only resulted in genetic tests becoming more popular in the direct to the consumer market. The results and data obtained from all the genetic testing will help the medical industry provide the proper medication to treat the diseases to be the most effective. This is the field of pharmacogenomics which is very popular these days. With the help of genetic testing, people from the health care sector have prescribed medicines based on what suits them genetically.

When shared with the big pharma companies, the same data has allowed them to develop medicines that act faster without causing any severe side effects. All this has become possible because of the headstrong development that has taken place in the field of genetic testing. Genetic testing is set to see many more technological advancements in the coming years that will only benefit all.

K&H as a brand has been revolutionizing the entire process of genetic testing. A procedure that was once very expensive and not affordable by all, has slowly become more accessible by the masses with the help of K&H. Since genetic testing is impacting every possible aspect of medical care, K&H has ambitioned to make genetic testing an easier process to go through. Medical care itself has seen so much evolution; it is only a given that even the field of genetic testing is yet to see much advancement. The one thing that can be accepted for sure is that with the help of centers like K&H, genetic testing will get more refined and accurate with every new step towards technological advancement.  


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